Review: Happy Medium

Happy Medium was a show that delivered more than anticipated. The act introduced himself as a psychic comedian, with many sceptics in the audience he was set to dumbfound them all.

Set in a musty room in the subterranean Vaults located beneath the old Waterloo station terminus of the Eurostar International rail service. The venue is located down a dark and dimly lit back alley, and is a maze of underground tunnels.

© Amie Filcher

The venue was also spotted by Banksy, a famous street artist. He decided to hold The Cans Festival there, where the world’s top street artists would gather and transform the abandoned area into a street art masterpiece.

Peter Antoniou had a mishap at the start of the show with the voiceover malfunctioning. He handled the glitch well and used the opportunity to add an entertaining self-introduction.

Starting the show, he claimed he could guess a young woman’s phone number. He asked her to write it down on a piece of paper, fold it and keep it concealed.

Using his psychic ability he wrote down her phone number on a piece of paper. They swapped papers and Antoniou asked the woman to confirm if it was correct. The number was incorrect, to which Antoniou replied, “of course not that would be impossible but I have your number now, so thanks.”

After the entertaining ice-breaker the other tricks became much more elaborate. One which included myself as I was asked to come up onto the stage with 3 other audience members.

We were each given a card saying ‘Peter Antoniou is’ and asked to write down one adjective to complete the sentence. The cards were put together in a pile and shuffled. One was selected at random and he claimed he could work out who wrote which word.

The first round he asked us all to answer ‘no’ as he asked each of us if we wrote it. We complied and he guessed correctly. The second round the same thing only we would all answer ‘yes’ this time and again he chose correctly.

The third round (which was my card), the two of us remaining simply had to say nothing but answer truthfully in our mind. He asked us both to close our eyes and pointed to the person he thought it was. He then asked the person who had written it to hug him from behind, a little embarrassing but I thought a pat on the back would suffice and again he had chosen correctly.

So for the last person he decided to make it a little trickier for himself, instead he would guess what the word was. Both exchanging stares, Antoniou wrote down the word ‘beardy’ which was correct again.

After he asked the audience to choose the next act to perform. He offered a new number he had been working on but which could go ‘tits up’ as he put it. Of course, the audience chose the ‘tits up’ option.

This performance involved Antoniou using masking tape to blindfold himself, he also used coins over his eyes so he couldn’t peek.

He asked an assistant selected from the audience to collect three objects from audience members which he would identify using only his psychic ability. Starting off he guessed who the object belonged to and went from there. Working out its colour and the material it was made from, he built up a picture of the object before correctly guessing what it was.

The show was outstanding and the performances could rival the best known psychic performers. I’m now officially a huge fan and will definitely be going back for more.

Happy Medium’s show travels all over the country, so venues can vary. You can check his Facebook or Twitter page or his website for details on future shows.

Feature photo © Amie Filcher

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