Review: Cereal Killer Cafe

On walking into the Cereal Killer cafe, you feel as though you have stepped into something from a Nickelodeon cartoon.


Copyright Sian Filcher

Copyright Sian Filcher


There is nothing quite like it. It’s quirkiness and originality could only be fully embraced in Shoreditch, a smart move for the Irish born twins.

When reading about the cafe you may think why bother going to a cereal cafe when you can buy cereal from the shop? Well truly and simply seeing is believing, you have to check it out for yourself to truly appreciate and understand its authenticity.

Copyright Sian Filcher

Copyright Sian Filcher

They serve over a hundred different cereals from around the world (in vintage cereal boxes), also with a selection of milks, including a lactose-free option, and toppings. You can choose from three different portions, small £2.50, medium £3.00 or large £3.50. Toppings and flavoured milks cost extra ranging from 20-50p.

Copyright Sian Fikcher

Copyright Sian Fikcher

The majority of these cereals you won’t be able to buy in the supermarkets or anywhere else for that matter and they literally have something for everyone.

Other options on the menu include pop tarts, toast and hot and cold beverages. They even have a combo meal option to satisfy the need for a cereal and pop tarts duo of course.

They have definitely done the leg-work when putting together the decor. All around the shop are cereal collectables memorabilia from all eras, making it a little bit of a museum in its own right.

TMNT cereal bowl light

Copyright Sian Filcher


Downstairs they have box set TV’s playing all the old favourites, from He-Man to Hey Arnold. The stairs leading to the basement are a little tricky and you really need to take care when walking down them while carrying a full tray. But hey, you can’t have everything.

Copyright Sian Filcher

Copyright Sian Filcher

It is definitely worth the trip, even if it’s just to check out the place as it’s too good not to see. Either way I guarantee you’ll love it. After all where else can you go to get your cereal fix any time of day?

For all those times your parents told you you can’t have too much sugar for breakfast, now you really can have your cereal and eat it … with chocolate chips and pop tarts.

Address: 139 Brick Lane, London, E1 6SB.


feature photo copyright Sian Filcher







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