Review: The electric cinema

On entering the Electric Cinema, you feel like you have stepped back in time.

Having looked at pictures online, I had an idea of what to expect but nothing quite prepared me for the actual experience of it.

© Sian Filcher

© Sian Filcher

From the outside, apart from a small sign identifying it, it blends into its surroundings. Once stepping inside in the small foyer, you wait in line to collect your tickets from the ticket office. The attendant asks your name and checks in the small alphabet filing roll for your tickets. They are preprinted on white card and are very different from your run of the mill cinema tickets.

Next to the foyer, is a small 1950’s style old-fashioned sweet shop, with the latest choice of sweets of course.

Walking through the sweet shop and brings you to the cinema room. The whole complex is very small and very easy to navigate through.

There are three different types of seats to choose from. There are sofas, at the back of the room, lounge chairs with foot rests in the middle section and at the very front there are beds.

© Sian Filcher

© Sian Filcher

We booked a bed, you’ll likely need to pre-book as it tends to fill up fast.

The screen looked rather small and is set atop a small stage but once the film begins to play it moves out from the wall and expands.

Lying on a bed in the cinema feels slightly strange, but once you lie down and relax you will wonder how you ever went to the cinema without a bed.

Nothing has been spared cost-wise, from the interior design to the comfort of the beds and chairs all the way down to the hand cream available in the toilets.

For refreshments there is a bar at the back of the room. There is a menu awaiting you when locating your seat and there are choices of snack both hot and cold and soft and alcoholic drinks.

© Sian Filcher

© Sian Filcher

The only annoyance was when arriving at our pre-booked bed there were crumbs all over it. Meaning we had to sweep away the previous tenants mess. It would have made the experience even more amazing if those crumbs had have been cleared before customers arrival but that is my only hangup.

I would highly recommend that you take a trip there. Prices are a little more than the average cinema trip but worth the extra, I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Feature photo ©Amie Filcher

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