Don’t throw away your iPod classic – it could now be worth hundreds.

 This is why you should dig out your iPod classic but be careful when buying online.

Two months ago Apple announced it will be discontinuing the iPod classic, users have turned to eBay and Amazon to purchase the product.

Users have seen prices soar with some selling for over £700. Special edition versions are selling for over £5,000 on the eBay site.

One eBay seller has seen the prices sharply rise from £169.86 at the beginning of September to £801.29 at present.

Many iPod owners have taken to twitter to share their excitement over the news.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 14.58.50

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 14.59.03

Apple decided to abandon the once ground-breaking device back in October.

Gerard Westhoff, an iPod classic owner says: “I think it’s the best iPod, I don’t know why Apple have discontinued it.”

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook: “We couldn’t get the parts anymore, not anywhere on Earth.” He also commented that there was not enough demand at the time for a remodel so it was decided to ax the product altogether.

Some users on Amazon have left feedback on sellers sites claiming that the products advertised as new were in fact second-hand. Users have commented on poor attempts to hide the second-hand product, warning of noticing scratch marks and fingerprints.

Feature photo courtesy of Yoshiki

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