Top Secret Comedy Club

Despite it’s name it is not actually that much of a secret, in fact it’s quite the opposite.

There is a reason behind its popularity. It’s calibre of comedy acts is excellent as well as the regular celebrity appearances to lure people in further.

Wednesday night saw 6 acts bring the small stage to life. Set in an underground room underneath the Cafe Mode on Drury Lane, it drew in a large crowd. Some of seating space was a little cramped but the show proved worth it.

The venue is fairly easy to find, as long as you look out for the sign in the window in front of the cafe. Entering the comedy club is a little confusing as you have to walk into the entrance to the cafe first and then down the staircase set to the side. It certainly feels top secret when you enter it.

© Amie Filcher

© Amie Filcher

The host took to the stage to welcome guests and was very comedic in his own right. Comedians Trevor Noah, Joseph Bor, David Ward, Celebrity comedian Jack Whitehall, James Loveridge and Robert White all took to the stage in their segments. All delivered brilliant performances and had the crowd in fits of laughter.

Trevor Noah and Joseph Bor faced with an overzealous heckler handled the situation outstandingly. Calling the man out and using his heckling to fuel their comedic act, which gained the audiences respect even more.

Both Trevor Noah and Jack Whitehall used the evening to test out some of their new material which was to feature in the Royal Variety show the following evening. Both would be performing their new material to the Royal family, including Kate Middleton, who Jack Whitehall revealed was one of his classmates at school.

The heckler was later escorted out as it turned out he was writing down all of the acts material which is infringement in copyright laws. I think it is safe to say many were relieved when the heckler was asked to leave.

Different evenings bring in different acts. Celebrity comedians usually come along to test out their new material before using it in TV.

Top Secret Comedy Club delivered on all pars. The promise of regular celebrity appearances and a night filled with outstanding acts, I would highly recommend you check it out as I guarantee it will be a memorable night.

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