Where is the Band Aid 30 money really going?

Its foundations were formed on a good cause, helping to eliminate famine in Africa. But it feels that as the re-releases of Band Aid have continued, the whole organisation is to do more with Bob Geldof’s and Bono’s egos and self importance.

Geldof is estimated to be worth around £32 million and undergone rumoured tax evasion schemes. Two years ago when asked in an interview how much tax he pays his response was, ‘My time? Is that not a tax?’ Because that’s how the system works Bob!

But I have a real issue when Seal comes in to sing the line “bring peace and joy this christmas to West Africa.” Geldof must’ve thought, let’s bring in the token black guy to sing the line about West Africa.

Screenshot from Band Aid 30 music video

I tried to search where exactly the money raised from the Band Aid single sales would go, but all the search brings up is Geldof imploring that 100 per cent of the proceeds would go to the relief effort. But which relief effort Bob?

If anybody finds any further information on this, please share.

Another interesting note is Geldof claims that the single raised £1 million in downloads within the first 5 minutes. But Digital Spy reports that the single has sold around 206,000 in 24 hours. So at 99p a download how do you work out £1 million?

Don’t get me wrong I fully support causes which raise money for charity, it’s just I would much rather ensure that the money I donate goes exactly where it’s meant to. Credible charities working in the Ebola relief aid such as, Oxfam and Save the Children, I feel would be a more trustworthy cause. What do you think?

Feature photo from Band Aid 30 music video

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