London’s Christmas Lights

It’s officially Christmas as London’s Christmas lights were turned on at 6:15pm this evening by Cheryl Fernandez-Versini.

A large crowd turned up to witness the event with queues reaching round the back of the John Lewis store on Oxford street. The road had been closed off around the store with a stage constructed outside.

Live performances were performed by Neon Jungle and Jess Glynne. Speaker and mic issues meant that the performances by Neon Jungle were overshadowed by the bass making it sound poor. The technical problems seem to have been rectified by Jess Glynne’s performance which sounded incredible.

When the new John Lewis advert began playing you could literally hear a pin drop as silence fell over the crowd. The cute, little penguin created many ‘aw’s’ as well as laughs and even tears.

People were overcome with emotion at the advert with tears streaming down their cheeks. When the ad had finished playing the window displays in the John Lewis store were revealed to many excited squeals and giggles.

Finally when Cheryl came on stage to turn on the Christmas lights foam started spraying over the crowd. Everyone chorused in unison the countdown and then roars and cheers filled the air when ‘ta da’ the lights came on.

The spirit of Christmas brings people together in a way no other holiday seems to do. It really is magical no matter how old you are.

Feature photo courtesy of James Petts


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