Innovation in the classroom with Poppy the 3D-printed Robot

Photo courtesy of Inria / / Photo H. Raguet.

Poppy, a humanoid robot, to radicalise learning in the classroom. Designed with open-source hardware and software, Poppy can be individualised in both appearance and behaviour to the user without the need of engineers and scientists.

Developed by Dr Pierre-Yves Oudeyer, he believes Poppy will offer schools and teachers a way to cultivate the creativity of students studying in related areas.

Poppy will also enable users to share their ideas and results with other schools over a dedicated web platform. Dr Oudeyer hopes that Poppy will provide students of computer science, coding and design training that will lead to future robotic careers.

Robots have previously been introduced in classrooms in the UK to help the learning of children with Autism. Studies found that Children with Autism found Robots less threatening to engage with as they had no emotion.

For more information on the Poppy Project click on the link below.

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