Brick Lane

For those of you who have visited Brick Lane at the weekend you will already know the endless parade of market stalls and street food vendors. If you appreciate markets and quirky shops then this is the place for you. There is something for everyone here and there are so many stalls both out and indoors that it is impossible to get bored.

Sunday is the busiest day to visit as all of the markets are open and in abundance. From the vintage shops to signs, from plants to food this place has it all.

Copyright Amie Filcher & Sian Filcher

There is a treasure trove of items to browse through and if you do decide to purchase something, don’t forget to haggle! For those who are a little timid in the haggling scene, don’t be as many stalls will already have discounts applied if you buy multiple items, so half the work is done for you.

If you walk further along brick lane there is a retro shop tucked away inside one of the buildings just off from the stall selling smoothies. Inside is a collectors haven. The shop owner has amounted an impressive collection of vintage items, such as, cameras, vinyl players, gramophones, you name it this shop probably has it.

Further down is Spitalfields market and you could easily miss it if you don’t know what you’re looking for. This indoor market has a mix of interesting items including a comic book collectors stall, vintage hats, jewellery, clothes and much more.

Feature photo copyright Amie Filcher & Sian Filcher

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