Hong Kong, what’s the story?

Many have seen the reports of the protest in Hong Kong. It has been at the height of the news on a global scale and has swelled in numbers.


Protests began on 22nd September and a few days after starting the protests turned violent with police using force to disperse the crowds. But instead of diffusing the protest this has caused it to grow with more people joining the cause, “the use of their level of force against peaceful and unarmed protestors in my opinion was not warranted. They caused unecessary panic and scared a lot of people, and in turn only angered many of the people in Hong Kong, which is one of the many factors to why the crowds are swelling.” Darren Cheng, pro-democracy protester from Hong Kong.

The protest began after Chinese Officials announced that three candidates would have to be pre-approved by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPCSC). After the election the Chief Executive elect will still need to be formally appointed by Chinese Government before being allowed to take up the post.


Peaceful protests have continued over the following days, with the movement Occupy Central spreading throughout Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and more recently Mong Kok. This is a big moment in Hong Kong’s political history with its occupants demanding change. Whether it’s likely that China will answer the call is unclear but Darren Cheng believes “Beijing will not conform to protestors demands easily.”

Photographs courtesy of Darren Cheng

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