A circus in Oxford Circus

On Sunday evening, at approximately 19.47pm, a man collapsed outside Byron’s proper hamburgers on Beak Street, Oxford Circus. The man appeared to be alone and eye witness Sian stated ‘he seemed drunk’. The collapse of the man caused chaos on the narrow side street as customers of the restaurant had to be diverted to a back entrance in order to enter and exit the restaurant, witness Sian claimed that ‘customers looked annoyed by this’.

Minutes later a London ambulance arrived to assist the man and proceeded to put the inebriated man into the recovery position for his own safety. The chaos continued further, as the ambulance blocked off the side street and vehicles were forced to drive along the pavement in order to pass, nearly knocking down pedestrians as they did so. The ambulance later took the man to the nearest hospital and normality returned to Beak Street.

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